Monday, 9 July 2007

Apple Juice & Removal Of Gallstones

Something to share…..
Dr Lai Chiu Nan’s 6 Days apple juice treatment works wonderfully to remove gallstones in a natural way. I came to know this more than 10 years ago and many of my friends have benefited from this treatment without going for operation.

Ah Thien of Sabah almost had his gallbladder operated in the hospital in 1996. When we met up in Sandakan just few days before his operation appointment, he gave it a try when I told him about this apple juice treatment. To convince him, I called Loke YF (exIOI manager) in JB to tell him personally over the phone the beneficial experience of this apple juice treatment. The doctor was surprised of the disappearance of gallstones when Ah Thien went to the hospital for re-examination. He passed on this good news to his friends and relatives so much so that whenever a person wanted to buy Epsom salt from the pharmacy, straight away they knew that it’s for removal of gallstones treatment.

Lee MK (JCC manager) also drank the apple juice and passed out the gallstones. One day Alan Yap of Lahad Datu called me and asked for the apple juice treatment for his Indonesian mandore who refused to go for operation. According to Alan, his worker suffered great pain and could hardly walk. One week later, Alan called again saying that his worker still suffered the pain. I told Allan to bring his worker to see Lee MK who could witness to him so that he would repeat the 6 Days treatment one more time. Later I received good news from Allan that his worker was able to walk without pain after passing out the gallstones. No operation was required. Lee also told me that the worker thanked him many times whenever they met each other in Lahad Datu town for the encouragement and confidence given to him.

On 4/10/2005 when I and my family visited David Vun, my old friend, in Sydney, Australia I told him and his wife about this apple juice treatment. After my return to Malaysia, he asked me to email him the write up of the treatment. Later he told me that it worked and he had passed on to his friends and relatives.

To be more effective, drink green apple juice. You can buy 100% pure apple juice from supermarket in 2 liters packing. The treatment needs 6 liters only (4 x 250ml = 1 liter per day). Nevertheless, do include apple juice as one of your daily drinks. It’s good for you.

Gallstones may not be everyone's concern but may lead to cancer. We all have them (big or small, many or few). "Cancer is never the 1st illness. There are a lot of other problems leading to cancer. I came across some materials stating that people with cancer usually had stones,” said Dr Lee of China.
One symptom of gallstones is a feeling of bloatedness after a heavy meal as if you can't digest the food. If it gets more serious, you feel pain in the liver area." Dr Lee offers the apple juice treatment which is good for those with a weak liver. Liver and gallbladder are closely linked.
1) Drink 1 glass (250ml) 100% apple juice 4 times a day for 5 days. 1 glass at breakfast, 1 glass at unch, 1 glass at dinner & 1 glass before going to bed. It softens the gallstones. Eat normally.
2) On the 6th day, skip dinner. At 6pm, take a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water. At 8 PM, repeat the same for purging purpose. It helps to flush out all solid stuff. It also opens the gallbladder ducts. At 10 PM, drink half a glass of olive oil mixed with half a glass of lemon juice. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage. Lemon juice helps to extract the stones out from gallbladder ducts.

Soon you will purge again. This time you can find greenish stuff floating in your toilet bowl, if you have gallstones. "You may want to count them. I have had people who passed out 40, 50 or up to 100 stones.” as told by Br Lee. "Even if you don’t have any symptoms of gallstones, you still might have some. It's always good to give your gall bladder a clean-up every now and then.”


Anonymous said...

The "gallstones" you think you are passing are simply the oil and lemon juice mixing in to chunks and absorbing bile -- giving them the green color. This does not work for serious gallstone problems, GO SEE A DOCTOR.

john said...

anonymous, you are so full of gallstones.! the treatments do work. i have experienced these treatments first hand. you are just like the majority of americans that put your life's trust in the even if it means taking out organs. the problem is that the american medical society has no interest in healing you, they rather have you coming back and back for more "treatments" while you dig deep in your pocketsand keep them him $$$$.

bruce said...

I have done a similar flush by "Clark" with a medical diagnosis of a gallbladder filled with stones. It does work... my pain went away as did the stones, but returned some 3 years later, I now have stones again as a result of poor eating habits. I will soon do the flush again 1-2 weeks. I agree with the poster John, the American medical association treats symptoms not the problem. Many doctors recommend removing the gallbladder, this does not fix the problem of bad eating habits it only masks it and creates another.

Anonymous said...

A couple things -- First: Since very few persons actually submit their "stones" for examination, get before-and-after scans, attempt to replicate the results (quantified by lab test results), etc., it's impossible to get any good data on this procedure. It's obvious to anyone who has taken basic chemistry that the vast majority of these "stones" are simply "soap" (i.e., as previously stated, the result of oil and acid in lemon juice mixing). There are some studies out there from the few flushers who kindly submitted their "stones" for analysis, and the results show that the majority of these objects are not gallstones but instead the result of the chemical reaction previously stated. That said, there is a relatively recent study from New Zealand (if I remember correctly) that confirmed a few actual gallstones in the soapy mess. BUT, these could have been small stones that would have passed undetected without a flush. Second Point: I attempted a flush myself -- Followed every detail to the letter -- and ended-up in the emergency / operating rooms. A relatively large stone became lodged in the duct system and caused all the problems you can read about elsewhere. Did this happen because the flush actually works and my stones were just too large to pass into the small intestine? Was it happen-chance that the obstruction occurred during the flush (i.e. it was going to happen anyway, regardless of the flush)? Who knows for sure. What I do know is that this is a potentially dangerous procedure and should not be taken lightly. Consult you physician first. Contrary to the popular opinion on these sites, there are some great doctors out there who are willing to discuss anything with you and work with you to formulate a strategy. They are not the enemy, and some hate the establishment as much as you do. I am spending my time telling you all this so that you don't end-up experiencing what I did. Research all this with an open mind -- From both sides.

john said...

John wonders if Anonymous is a doctor or medical practictioner trying to scare everyone. I have seen similar posts on other sites on this subject. I have gall stones and am scheduled for surgery soon. I am now contemplating the natural way. If i do i'll come back and post results.

bruce said...

Anonymous is full of more then gallstones. Wondering what Anonymous did about the stones after the visit to the emergency room, did Anonymous actually go to the emergency room?? 1. If you mix olive oil and lemon juice or grapefruit juice it does NOT make chunks that resemble gallstones. The juice in fact cuts the oil, breaking it down. Try it your self mix fresh grapefruit juice or fresh lemon juice with olive oil in a cup. Even someone that is not a chemist or a doctor can see this. Acids in fresh fruit break fat down, the same way they dissolve gallstones. 2. Doctors will tell you to have your gallbladder removed. The gallbladder is there for a reason, to hold bile, without it, bile will drip into your stomach eroding the lining of your stomach and eventually giving you cancer. Then you go see the doctor again, yippee for the doctor. Next the doctor will remove another part of your anatomy, no concern of his, they are all practitioners and get paid based on the number of services they provide. Bottom line clean up your act, eat right, stop eating junk (candy or carbs) foods especially before bed. Bile is secreted heavily in the morning the most likely time for a gallbladder attack. Drink fresh juice (not the canned stuff) in the morning, no biscuits and gravy or pancakes or donuts or milk products, these types of foods will certainly create gallstones. And yes do a gallbladder flush... if you can read and follow directions! Anonymous I suggest you start taking responsibility for yourself over 100k people die yearly because of medical mistakes, you could be the next!

Alka said...

Dear friends, I have also gone through this procedure for more than 3 times. Frst time I have followed Hulda clark's method and I really observed some stones but not much although doctors are saying that my gallbladder is full of stones and I am having all the problems like pain at right side of abdomen and bloating after heavy meals. Second time I repeated it for 3 days continously and that time about 15-20 stones of pea size came out. But still I am suffered from the same problems, I rally don't know what was wrong in whole process so that all of the stones couldn't come out. Please help me.

Anonymous said...

Further to my previous post. I am john from 2 weeks ago. The doctor sceptic Anyone considering doing a gall bladder cleanse who even thinks they have gall stones. DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!. I have gall stones and am booked for surgical removal. I decided to try this technique, with the result of a massive attack, spending 12 hours in severe pain. I did not pass 1 or any stones, and probably put myself into near emergency hospitilization. Please! dont be stupid if you have gall stones, get the gall bladder removed, or seek the advice of a medical specilist.

David Vun said...

I think it will work for most of the people but there are always exceptional.

Anonymous said...

John, you of all people, have gallstones which should have been flushed out years ago. Your pain was caused by the build up of stones all trying to get out, once you tried to release them. There would be no pain by swallowing olive oil and grapefruit juice, unless you have stones, like a massive amount of marbles in a hose, all trying to eliminate at the same time. The process is extremely efficient for those who do it properly. Apple juice, vegetarian (or better yet, vegan) diet prior to the flush, plus colon cleansing several days before the flush, as well as after. Read Moritz' book - buy it on Amazon. the book is called 'The Amazing Liver and Gall Blader Flush' and it will change your life. Send this message to everyone you care about. I'm sorry you had trouble John, but PLEASE don't advise others .... please, you are full of stones and even if your poor gall blader is now removed, you have still a massive amount in your liver. It would have been better for you to read Moritz's book first. However it's never too late. All the best.

Anonymous said...

I had a gallbladder attack a month ago and still passing stones while Dr / surgeons get their ducks lined up because some of mine are too big to pass. I do agree that if you are trying this get the tests done to make sure that your stones are small enough to safely pass. An attack is no fun I do not want to know what it feels like to have one stuck it can burst fill your body with infection and kill you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank goodness none of you are health care practitioners. The advice in this thread is awful.

abundant dreams said...

I have done the Andreas Moritz cleanse several times. It is exactly like the cleanse mentioned in this post but with the stipulation to eat a very clean vegan diet the whole week and to do the cleanse at least 6 times or even 12 times to remove all the stones.

He also advises to have a colon cleanse first and a kidney cleanse afterwards.
The Gerson institute also uses coffee enemas to dilate the bile ducts of the liver so this could help to get the larger stones out safely as well.

Relying on doctors is what got us into this mess in the first place. if they had been trained in preventative care we would not be listening to their flawed advise on taking medications instead of changing the diet and cleansing out toxins.

Anonymous said...

The reason for John and or anonymous experiencing pain during his flushing procedure is most likely due to a clogged colon. Ensure that your pipes are working properly, try colonic or coffee flush to clear out your bowels before doing the flush. Reabsoarbtion of bile is dangerous and can leave you going to the ER. There are benefits to using Alopathic health care, IE: broken bones, setting joints etc, but leave the systemic solutions to tried and true traditions leading back thousands of years. Cancer is wholly curable if you catch it early enough (Gerson Method) and it's something that doctors make too much money off of.

El Heffe said...

I have used this treatment as well and it worked like a charm for me.

My symptoms were severe stomach pains after eating oily or fatty foods. This eventually lead me to an emergency room visit, knowing that gallstones were common in my family, my Mom recommended this exact treatment. She had used it to relieve similar symptoms years earlier.

After passing the stones. It stopped the severe pains I was experiencing. In the following week, I did notice minor pains when eating fatty or greasey foods(similar to those which I would experience at the onset of an attack). However, these pains left almost as fast as they first appeared.

Shortly after the treatment I visited my docotor and he told me there was no way that this procedure was a legitmate remedy and described the stones that I had passed as likely coagulated bile...

I was happy to let him call it what he wanted, but it stopped the pain and saved me surgery.

Raven said...

Bruce, I think you’re letting you bias of the medical world cloud your judgment. A bad experience perhaps? I think you're in more need of counseling then anything.
Now them, I have problems with each of everyone's arguments. Before we begin, let me state that I am a Biology major, Chemistry minor with no love for hospitals. (I have spent 2 years of my life in one and am 1 organ less for it.)
1. Acid (lemon juice) + base (oil) = neutralization. Period. Nothing if formed, no chemical reactions, no eating away NOTHING HAPPENS.
2. The whole 'eroding the lining of your stomach and eventually giving you cancer' line made me hysterical...laughing that is. When your gallbladder is removed, you no longer produce enough bile to breakdown fatty foods. The only bile you actually are producing comes from the small amount your liver will produce, which enough to breakdown health foods
3. Flushes such as this one are more numerous and various then 'weight loss diets' and I suggest that anyone that contemplates them treats them the same. This is the internet, not a medical journal.
4. Flushes have not been study closely by anyone other then believers.
5. A doctor is certified for a reason, and even then, second and third opinions are best. If one doctor tells you the same thing the third and fourth and fifth did, chances are they're not trying to get cash out of you.
6. A specialist doesn’t need the money anyways. You’re neither their only patient nor the most costly
7. If 'American medicine' is as horrible as you're making it out to be, then why is everyone (people overseas, in states, est.) coming over here to get treated? Could it be *gasps* that it works?!
8. Natural remedy supporters, I'll give you around of applause, because every medicine, pill, liquid and prescription that you take is based of the laws of nature. Natural remedies do work, sometimes. But there is a reason why death tolls are smaller now with our 'American medicine' then 100 years ago with 'natural remedies' and I assure you, it has nothing to do with any natural improvements.

Now, without biased. I want you to really think about this: Which is better, trying to treat myself and hoping (and assuming) the best, or going to someone that has some know-how of what they're doing?
Remember children: self medication isn't very safe.

bruce said...

My most recent doctor visit.... the ultra-sound showed no gallstones; this was good news for me. In the past my gallbladder was either full of stones or near full. The gallbladder (Clark) flushes in combination with improved eating habits have worked well. I’m very happy I did not take the normally opinion of doctors to remove it. I do not suggest anyone not take their doctors advice but pose a serious question before you consider removing your gallbladder. Why would you remove a perfectly good gallbladder when it’s responsible only for storage of bile? You would not cut off your hand if you injured it because it was infected. The solution should be to fix the problem not perform surgery to remove something (gallbladder) that is not the problem.

KP LOH said...

Thanks for sharing your opinions on the Apple Juice Treatment to remove gallstones the natural way.

First of all, we have to realize that this was recommended by a well reputated doctor, who is Dr. Chiu-Lan Lai; migrated to USA from Taiwan at a young age with her parents. She was a chemistry dortorate holder and former cancer researcher in one of America's top cancer research institutions, the University of Texas System cancer Center. Dr. Lai established the Lapis Lazuli Light organization in 1993. She now teaches natural health.

For my friend who had believed in it, he did not have to go through the surgery of removing the gallbladder. He went back to the same doctor for an x-ray taken and found that the gallstones had disappeared. Thus, the proposed surgery was called off by the amazed doctor. This was not a case of self-medication. The doctor was consulted whether to proceed with the surgery after taking the apple juice.

For those who are still doubtful and do not believe of other people's experience, then don't follow it. The choice is yours.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." To me, I don't see any harmful effect on taking apple and drinking apple juice. If it can help to remove gallstones, why not ? But if you don't like to take apple and drink apple juice, then just forget it.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I have gallstones 8 mm in size like a small golf ball and many small ones. I have been told the flush works but not on large stones. I did this weekend the flush with epsom salts and olive oil and it felt good.

I think this is all a matter of diet and not eating at night. Yo-Yo dieting etc....contributed to where we are now.

The problem is you can take out the gall bladder but that does not remove the issue of your diet. You will have loose bowel movements and further any fatty foods will make you nauseated.

I say do the medical test where they use the radiated dye and see is your gall balder is functioning at all, get your ultra sound to see how many and how large they are. Based on that you can see if the organ is to far gone. If it is working, then work with it! Then try to change your life style use BREAK STONE a natural herb from Peru rainforest see link:

As well as the Chinese herb GCG works slower but old Coin Grass (GCG) can be taken safely minus side effects for long periods. It takes a long time to make the large gall stones and takes a long tine to break them down. A massive lifestyle change will need to happen and continue. Because if you get gallstones you always will. I say keeping an organ where possible will always be better then taking it out. I am working now to save mine,,,sob I hope I can! My prayers for all of your good heath!


Dora said...

I want to try the apple juice treatment. I have been diagnosed with gall stones, and I underwent endoscopy aside from ultrasound. The endoscopy showed functional dyspepsia only. My gastro referred me to a surgeon because he said the best way is to have the gall stones removed through surgery. But I'm afraid... do you think it's worth the shot trying the apple juice treatment?

bruce said...

Dora, yes do it, in addition start with 1/2 fresh lemon in the morning to get your liver started. Followup with real lemon juice 1-4 oz daily for your liver. The real problem is poor eating habbits (fatty foods poor liver function)go with a veggie diet, lemon juice & the flush for 4 weeks. Any sign of gallstone attack drink (1oz.)lemon juice with water asap, followup with another 1-2 oz. if necessary.

KP LOH said...

By all means, start drinking the apple juice and hope it works for you too. Then you can share with others as well. GBU

Todd said...

I did one very similar to this and it worked. It's more or less the same but with some additional instructions--here's the link: Some people might have problems, but I passed several stones and I'm going to try it again in a couple of weeks.

jo said...

yes its really true, i was operated last 2005 because of galstone yet a neighbor who also had galstones last year (2009) suffering the same pain i had experience and i told stephen the only solution is by operation but he tried this formula and it did flush out. i regret that if i had only knew this long time ago, still my gallbladder is still intact inside me now the fats goes directly to my liver. You must try...

honey said...

Just exercise, eat less, eat more natural foods, and drink tons of water then you should be fine! gallstones treatment

veroniz said...

hi, just wanna ask if this method safe for pregnant women? thank you.

veroniz said...

and i also would like to add a follow-up question, is there an alternative for epsom salt? can i use prune juice instead? thank you.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they have ultrasound treatments that can break larger gallstones into smaller pieces? and then they would be small enough to pass with the flush?
Just a thought...

pmacias01 said...

veroniz I don't think this is good if your pregnant. You might want to do this after your baby is born. I was diagnised with galllstones when I was 7 months pregnant but thank God i didn't get any symptoms. Not until I had the baby.

pmacias01 said...

I'm having a gallbladder attack as I speak. I been having this pain for about 3 days now. I want to know if there is something I could drink to make the pain go away. I have oxycodine which would take the pain away but I have been taking them often and alot of that medication is bad. So I wanted to know if there is something else toget rid of the pain. Also which remedy is the best of all because Ihave heard so many different ones that I don't know which one to do. Also should I do like a pre cleanse before i do the gallstone flush. An is there somethign else to substitude epson salt.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was just rereading. This blog because last year around September I had a horrible case of gall stones. I was getting nausea with rancid oily taste + lower left abdominal pain that radiated all the way to my shoulder and at times I could barely get out of bed because sitting up was impossibly painful! I did the gall stone flush as a fast for 5 days and each day the pain became worse! Until I couldn't take it anymore and I had to go to the ER! I was in a paper gown when I had the urge to go and a ton of stones came out. I must have been there for 15 minutes. After I just felt like a fool... pain free on a bed at the er. Ughh. It worked. You've got nothing to lose as a preventive measure but if you do feel that your life is at risk, go to the ER!

Anonymous said...

questions if I can asked here.

1. What is the purpose of apple juices? Does it to make it soft of the gallstones?

2. What is the purpose of Epsom salt?
Can this to widen the pipe?

3. What is the purpose of olive oil + lemon juice?


Shaz said...

Can i just do the liver cleanse without doing a colon or kidney cleanse? is it safe?

Anonymous said...

I am a nurse (20 years) and know how physicians work.....they practice. Practice is the key word here. They are not trained in herbal or nutritional medicine or homeopathic medicine. They get paid well to prescribe pharmaceuticals and to refer you to even more expensive physicians called surgeons. They get paid well to steer you away from natural remedies because if people knew how well nature has worked for thousands of years these people would be out of business in short order. Not only have I been lucky enough to study western medicine but I have been lucky enough to study homeopathic and herbal medicine as well. Western medicine has nearly killed me a few times. Nature has not even come close to it yet. This article is not to be dismissed as garbage or some old wives tale of how to get rid of gallstones. I choose this over lithotripsy any day. I already have as a matter of fact. It works for me.

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier (nurse for 20 years) and forgot to mention I did not use epsom salt internally. I did however take a warm bath with it. I used apple juice one liter during the day, and very little olive oil and lemon juice at evening time(maybe one tablespoon of each). I did this for 3 days. The pain was gone after the second day and the third day I continued just to make sure things were clear.

Anonymous said...

I'm here reading all this because of a growing pain under my lower ribcage on my right side, which seems to be my gallbladder.

The first thing I thought of when reading the natural remedy was NOT to take anything yet that would try to force them out, causing even more pain or even a medical emergency. Some sites listed some things to take beforehand to reduce their size making it easier for them to come out, so I'm trying those first before even touching the epsom salt mix or the virgin olive oil and lemon juice cocktail. I'm surprised none of these sites cautioned about this very thing, letting the public think they can jump right into it, as evidenced by an earlier poster whose pain got substantially worse, and I blame him for not doing a little more research and using a little common sense. Now he instead blames the remedy.

And as far that the medical vs the natural remedy camps, there is a common ground for both. There is no need to dismiss either side. Some years ago I had a doctor 'prescribe' cranberry juice instead of pills for my bladder infection. A coworker with the same problem went to a doctor who gave her pills. Both cured the infection, but I definitely liked my cure better because I can take care of it myself immediately and not have to suffer the discomfort while waiting to get to a doctor.

Anonymous said...

A year ago I had extreme pain below my right ribs and lower shoulder blade on the same side. I thought it was a heart attack. After doing some research I realized I was having a gall bladder attack. (gallstone caught in the bile duct - the muscle squeezes around it until it's sore and causes extreme pain) From what I read, modern medicines' solution was to remove the gallbladder. I was terrified of having to go under the knife. A friend told me about an olive oil cleanse that would remove the stones. I decided to try it. I figured I had nothing to lose. It worked. Why modern medicine won't accept the results, I don't know, arrogance I suppose. I haven't done this cleanse, but I'm doing it now. And after a few days of drinking apple juice you can already feel a difference, though apple juice always gives me the runs. Cleansing DOES WORK!, and I invite anyone who thinks it doesn't to try it. After all what's a little olive oil and lemon juice going to do to you? Then you can analyze your own stones. Cleansing will not make your symptoms worse, quite the reverse. If you think you can take olive oil, lemons, hydrochloric acid and water to make green gallstones, That I'd like to see! Mine came out with the consistency of wet cardboard as though it was squeezed between the fingers. Better than surgery.

yen said...

I'm sorry if i have grammar lapses,i'm not really good in english but i just wanna share this..i have a gallstone and my doctor adviced me to take/try the apple juice treatment,actually he's a friend of mine for many years and i believe that being a friend of mine and a doctor at the same time he knows what's best for me..,after all it's apple it's good for us..he recommend me 2 glasses a day before bedtime,maybe because my gallstone is 0.2cm in size,then he will observe me for a month after taking the apple juice.i'm on my 3rd day with the apple juice natural treatment,i'm praying,hoping and believing that this will work out for me,first of all faith in GOD and believing..with spiritual cleansing/repenting and body cleansing,taking care of ourselves in and out,eating lots of fiber, veggies, fruits,drinking apple, lemon juice and lots of WATER.

I believe that all opinions are true..I just hope and pray that all of us including me who have gallstones here will be treated/cured.GOD bless us all.

yen said...

I'm Yen,i'm sorry, that's natural gallstone treatment not apple juice natural treatment OMG me! :)

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with gallstones in March 2012 after an attack. I consulted a homeopathic doctor who has prescribed Calcarea Phos, Cholacol, and Disodium Phosphate ongoing. So far, I have suffered a few attacks since then, but only when I am really blowing it with the wrong foods.

I have not tried the flushes yet, and am going in for another ultasound first to see what has happened since last March.

I did not see apple cider vinegar included in any of these posts.
It really helps an attack subside within an hour or so. I found out about it on several blogs after my first attack. Instructions are to take a quarter cup apple cider vinegar( with "mother" )with three quarters cup organic apple juice and drink it down. I don't know why it works, but if you are having an attack, it may help you as it has helped me.

Anonymous said...

Green apple or red apple? Any diff?

Anonymous said...

So I just have to drink apple juice with no solid foods the whole day? Or I can eat while taking the apple juice?

Anonymous said...

I had gallstones in my gall bladder, i tried this apple juice treatment and luckly it worked for me

guys trust me it really works after this treatment i had no more pain or any problem related to indigestion..

Nxt weeki ll go for unltrasound

fingers crossed...

Vibhor Agrawal said...

Thank you everyone for posting your experience and spending your valuable time.
my wife is having 14mm single gall stone diagnosed last year. She had homeopathic treatment since then. Worked great for 8 months but again started troubling from 3 days. Today she will be taking ACV with apple juice. I wii update the rest

Tia Lindo said...

From my Doctor whom specializes also in natural treatments told me is that any mix of olive oil and lemon juice can cause a Gall bladder to burst, but depending on the amount, It does in no way, "coat the stones" as any and all oils and fats pass into the small intestine, However Bile salts, apple vinegar, and apple juice help break down stones and assist with the liver, I had a gall attack last year, twice within two months, then I had one in march of this year, and just recently 4 days ago, since then I have had bad nausea, bloatedness, stomach cramps, and a sharp pain, I just recently started drinking apple juice again and so far within two days my symptoms are a lot better... except earlier today when I grabbed a donut to eat, that made my stomach feel terrible the rest of the day,

nASCENCE said...

this is:

I came across this article because my aunt just undergone this procedure with gallstones and to be scheduled for surgery. But luckily the doctors found out that she has hypothyroidism that it should be treated 1st before any operation to be performed. She was discharged from the hospital after treated with antibiotics, laxative and foley catheter to relieve her of her discomfort because she cannot defecate and urinate anymore because of the pain due to gallstones. When she was home treated with thyroxine, she tried this gallstone flush treatment and passed the gallstones. She is now up and about and can run again. She is 77 years old BTW now. She was in pain when the gallstones attacked her and cannot think straight anymore due to the pain and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now I want to try this because it says that Gallstones' symptom include bloatedness after a heavy meal. Will update all of you of the results of my lavage. =P

Anonymous said...

hey....... in my ultrasound i got diagonsed with 6-7 gallstones... nd biggest one with 17.7 mm... i followed this treatment when i drank the mixture of olive oil nd lemon unfortunately i vomit after 1 and 1/2 hour.
still in the morning i passed out green coloured stones.... but recently when i got my ultrasound done the sitation was same... same no. of gallstones and the largest one was 15mm. i just want to knw if the nos. are same than what is the compound whic i passed in morning... or dis happen bcoz i vomit the solution...

Anonymous said...

I have. gallstone. 1.5 mm. plz advise me

Malone Chan said...

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Roselle seed extracts contain strong antioxidant properties that could effectively reduce cholesterol level. With that in mind, Rosecalam juice acts as a solvent in the bile to dissolve cholesterol possibly harden into gallstones.

(B) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive oil stimulates the gall bladder and bile to contract powerfully, that could expel solid particles.

(C) Bio-active Minerals

The bio-active minerals act as a detoxifying agent for cleansing. It increases water in intestines and help flushing toxins to eliminate harmful substances.

Why Dr Getox?

Within 12 hours

Similar products in the market require 24 hours or 7 days to flush off the gallstones. Dr Getox, however, requires only 12 hours flushing off the gallstones. This is simply because the antioxidant natures of our products enhance its dissolvability.

Flush Toxic Waste

The mixture of Rosecalam Juice and Bio-Active Mineral possess the ability to dissolve gallstones and toxic waste in our body. Bio-Active Mineral acts as a detoxifying agent to eliminate toxic substances.

Reduce Weight

Weight loss is the subsequent results after toxic waste is flushed off.

We believe there is a better way of treating the gallstones than removing the precious gallbladder of human. Should you express an interest to contact us, please refer to the contact details below.

We have now discovered a new product to prevent the recurrence of gallstones attack.

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Is there a person from philippine who tried this treatment? let me know i want to try. tnx

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Anonymous said...

I am not a physician or in the medical field so won't comment on any medical opinions in the other posts. I was diagnosed with gallstones a few years ago by an MD. She verified her diagnosis through ultrasound and imaging (I have the pics). I was scheduled for surgery. I found this blog and tried this more natural approach. On the 7th day I felt intense pain which started in the right front and wrapped around to my back. My wife is an RN and said to go to the ER. I was readying myself for the ER trip and the pain ceased. Shortly afterword I eliminated many green "globs" in my stool. I told my MD my experience and had another ultrasound/imaging which now showed no gallstones. My wife, MD and the surgeon couldn't explain it. Don't know about others but this worked for me.

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Anonymous said...

I would advise anyone with gallstones to get medical advice. Here's why.

People are advising those writing in to "go ahead and try it" when they know NOTHING about the questioner's condition.

I have a very large gallstone - too large to occlude the bile duct. I have occasional symptoms when I eat too much fatty food, but aside from that, it's asymptomatic. I asked my doctor about the flush, and his advice was "don't be foolish - a stone the size of yours will not yield to apply juice and lemon or anything else in a week. Maybe a small stone might, but now yours! If you drink a ½ cup of olive oil, you'll end up in emergency with terrible pain".

Having twice experienced the pain from acute gallbladder attacks, all I can say is NO THANKS! Please, don't advise people on medical matters if you're not a medical person who has personally examined the patient. Your first instinct should be to avoid doing harm, and you could do a lot of harm by making recommendations when you're ignorant of the medical facts and the patient's condition.

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This is really great info. I suffered from gallstones for many years and this is the type of advice that really helped me to overcome my problem. So, to all you sufferers, YES! There is hope! Just don't lose faith and know that your body can heal itself. I was lucky to find some great plans that helped me heal my gallbladder, eliminate my gallstones, and get better. Here is one of the resources that helped me a lot:

Anonymous said...

is it normal to feel the pain in the stomach and bloatedness while on the 6-day juicing?

Ashton Gate-Dweller said...

This should be avoided AT ALL COSTS. Taking in so much olive oil could cause a chronic reaction. This is a Quack. See a real doctor. Like me!

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Thanks for this wonderful share regarding removal of Gallstones using apple juice. Thanks for the recipe. I want to lose weight and would like to try such natural remedies. I have heard that weight loss can be achieved with Green drink and smoothies.

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Jason Singapore

Just sharing. On 27th May 2016, I have been ward in ICU for few days because of my acute pancreatities. So CT scan is taken in the Government Hospital, found many small Gallstone in my Gallbladder. The doctor told me to do laparoscopic operation after few weeks of discharges from ward.

I do not want to do operation, so try out the Sukhada’s removing gallbladder cleanse, with green apple juice.

It is a successful story, some of the Gallstone is pass out on the stool on the 6 days.

Thank you Sukhada for sharing this method....Tq

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I have gallstone of 10.7 mm size. Please advise if this method work well on this..

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